MP3 Tagging Issue

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MP3 Tagging Issue

26 Dec 2017, 09:46

I am having issues with MP3 tags that are driving me to the point of crazy in Linux.
I have a large - around 217,000 track MP3 library. All stored on a Windows 2012R2 server.
Taking one album as an example in Windows - Explorer shows all the tags as there, as does MP3tag. i've run MP3 Diags to remove any other anomalies.
Opening a track in VLC under Windows shows the track with the correct track data if I go into the media information.
Importing said album - along with a number of others into Banshee under Linux simply shows Unknown Artist/Album.
As a test, I even copied my test album onto the drive of the Ubuntu VM as mentioned above that shows up fine under Windows Explorer/VLC with meta data. When I open a track off that album, VLC does not show any ID3 tag data - nor does Banshee. This is despite the same files in Windows showing the tags.
Any help would be much appreciated - I cannot understand at all what is going on here as to why the exact same files should differ on Windows versus Linux.
Please help.
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