ms5pcb (metal slug 5 with jamma pcb) on .137 with 64 bit Win

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ms5pcb (metal slug 5 with jamma pcb) on .137 with 64 bit Win

26 Dec 2017, 10:23

I recently downloaded the entire .137 roms. I'm running off a 64 bit machine with Windows 7. All the games work, except ms5pcb (metal slug with neo geo pcb). It loads without errors, but the screen goes to a grid, instead of an opening screen. I am able to press "start/1 player" to get into the initialization screen (time/I/O tests, color verification screens, etc) The game is loading, once again. Just doesn't quite get there. I've gone into mameinfo and, but I don't want to bug the developers over it. All of their (usually good info) states that the game is running fine. The game is loading, I know it's a simple fix, but I can't figure it out. If you want to see a pic of the grid you can email me at and I'll send you a pic, (I don't see where I can add it here).

Please help.
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